Trials in people

Find out about our clinical trials process, how we work with doctors and volunteers throughout this process, and how to become a research volunteer.

You can also access all the data from our trials in our Clinical Study Register.

There are typically at least three phases to clinical trials. Occasionally a fourth phase might be necessary if:

  • The medicine can be improved
  • There is a need to provide answers to questions from the regulatory authorities


Becoming A Clinical Research Volunteer

Before a medicine can be used in the US, it must meet the strict requirements of the FDA. Drug companies conduct a series of clinical trials for every potential new medicine, to ensure that it is safe and effective.

Every day, there are many clinical trials being conducted, examining a wide variety of medications. The National Institutes of Health publishes information about clinical research studies, particularly for serious or life threatening illnesses; and CenterWatch features general information on industry and government sponsored clinical studies, as well as new drug therapies in research and those recently approved by the FDA.

 If you think you might be a good subject, and are interested in participating as a patient in our clinical trials, our clinical study site offers links to search for clinical trials, as well as the National Institutes of Health and CenterWatch sites.