Employees helping communities

Employee volunteering is important to us. We encourage our people to contribute to their local communities and give them plenty of support to do so.

Employees Helping Communities

Listening and responding to our people is an important part of being a modern employer.

We survey our employees twice a year to understand how they feel about working at GSK and we act on their feedback to help us improve.

We encourage employees to tell us their views through formal engagement channels and more informal conversations.

Our leaders host regular Let’s Talk sessions to encourage people to share their ideas on key topics. We also support informal communication and collaboration across the business through tools such as our new collaborative internal tech platform which allows employees to share knowledge and perspectives to support faster decisions across the organization.

GSK is committed to upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core labour standards set out by the International Labour Organization. GSK is also a signatory to the UN Global Compact. We are respectful of the right of employees to join an independent trade union, the right to collectively bargain, and of freedom of association. Of our global employees, 39% are covered by collective bargaining arrangements and/or have declared that they are a member of a union. Additionally, GSK invests heavily in formal Information and Consultation arrangements which actively involve and provide additional Employee Voice to a much higher proportion of the workforce.

Global volunteering

We want our people to understand how they are delivering our purpose to help people do more, feel better, live longer through their work every day. Our volunteering programmes offer further opportunities for them to make a difference to communities.

Our flagship volunteering programme – PULSE – enables GSK employees to offer their time and talent to support communities and global health, while developing their skills and experience.


The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is a skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, motivated employees are matched to a non-profit organization for three or six months full-time, contributing their skills to solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad.

Since its launch in 2009, PULSE has sent nearly 500 employees from 51 countries to serve 92 non-profit partners in 61 countries, supporting partners that work on healthcare access and issues affecting children – this equates to £12.6 million worth of skilled services. The PULSE programme enables our employees to work full-time with non-profit organizations, leveraging their professional expertise and knowledge for the good of the organization and society.

For instance, Karolina Bielawska from GSK in Poland worked with Mundo Sano in Argentina to develop a communications strategy to support them in their efforts to combat neglected tropical diseases in parts of Latin America. Karolina developed communication materials and helped to train the local team on implementing the communications strategy to ensure that the work could be continued after her departure.

What are the benefits of PULSE?

By using their expertise to help non-profits with their most pressing problems, employees are able to make a sustainable difference to the organization and communities they serve. At the same time, employees benefit from this experience as they come back re-energised and return to GSK with fresh insights, ideas, and a renewed connection to our mission to help people "do more, feel better, live longer."

The impact of PULSE is evident from the data we collect from our volunteers, our non-profit partners, and the volunteers’ managers and colleagues at the end of a PULSE assignment. For example:

90% of non-profit partners agree that as a result of the PULSE volunteer, their organization is doing something differently

98% of PULSE volunteers believe that their assignment helped them develop their leadership skills